Why Belief Is Not Required?

Almost 20 years ago I began a study of metaphysics through all of the usual channels (or, usual suspects, depending on your up bringing and perspective) – astrology, numerology, tarot. One channeled source other than Seth was also brought to my attention. It was a causal entity named Michael. 

We live on the physical plane. Metaphysicans speak about an astral plane (which is formless, like our feelings). If you’ve ever gone to a raucous sporting event, hung out at a church that speaks in tongues and has an incredible choir, engaged in some lucid dreaming or knew your grandmother who passed 13 years ago just visited you, then you know more than you think about the astral plane. 

Causal plane is intellectual, a bit dead pan, it’s where you begin to ‘connect the dots’ – as it were – to the workings of this universe (and others?). Carl Jung would associate the astral plane to the collective ‘subconscious’. These quotation marks around ‘subconscious’ relate to my uneasiness regarding ‘sub’ and ‘un’. Like Seth via Jane Roberts, whose main credo is ‘the point of power is in the present moment’, Michael says, ‘Belief is not required’. But, I’d like to add, knowledge or gnosis/Greek for knowledge is.

We live on the physical plane which main thrust is inspiration and service to our fellow human beings. That’s one main key to evolution. That’s why simply knowing your rising sign or Ascendant is very helpful. To know what energies guide you without your conscious sense of purpose (Sun) or past (Moon) can make the difference between turning down a one way street the wrong way and continuing your journey with minimal mishaps. Astrology is a tool. Like any tool, its strength is in its direct proportion to the knowledge of its user. I’m here to guide you in a more efficient use of your tools. 

I have pools of joy to introduce the Venus Star Point to your spiritual tool box. The Venus Star Point (VSP) has a gracious simplicity in that you do not need the birth time, just your birth date. Talk about getting to the heart of the matter. There is no belief necessary when you know what motivates you from a sense of instinctive passion towards self-actualization. 

The Venus Star Point is an astronomical alignment that occurs once every nine to ten months before your birth. It may even be a symbol of how we traverse the astral and causal planes, how these incredibly rarefied energies make their way to our planet. How do we relate from a position of fullness, not lack? Your Ascendant and VSP has some exceptional clues that require no belief, only observation and a willingness to look at yourself and relationships through a mirror cleaned with water and vinegar, not only Windex. 

We’ve all been taught to ‘wish upon a star’. Well, Venus is the third brightest object in our most friendly skies. Once we’ve been baptized in giving up our past attachment to sin and the sadistically nasty scenarios alleged sin ensues, Venus may shine her amazing light onto our thirsty souls, no belief required. Although you can keep your faith, you’ll need to brush up on your gnosis. 

Personally, I want to continue to attract those clients and friends to serve who have at least begun to admit that most Christian holidays are pagan in origin. Let my lawyer self stipulate some facts: In order to get the masses to convert (or at the very least to listen) there had to be a commonality. Any diplomat will tell you one of the first rules is ‘when in Rome…’ and then the colonizers saw, came, and of course, they conquered. This tide is shifting, and it has been shifting for at least the last 50 plus years. 

If you go to my personal facebook page (Quan Tracy Cherry), you’ll see my only favorite movie is The Long Walk Home starring Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek. It’s a fictional work on two women’s lives during the Montgomery bus boycott. Dr. King is only in the background. It’s a masterful piece. 

I am not against the traditional Christian church; I will not abide uneducated folk of any belief system to attempt to ring a bell of intolerance. Hell (pun intended), here at Belief Is Not Required (BINR), we do not even want tolerance, we want and deserve acceptance. It is our birthright. These are stars we wish upon. 

Even as our esteemed President Obama had us chant ‘Yes, we can!’, let me be clear. He did not grow up in the contiguous 48 states. There are some forms of discrimination he did not have to endure among his own people, not to mention those whom he had expected and had been prepared to receive it. Ask Michelle Obama, please. 

I wish for a better world, but I know it will come from an enlightened population that uses some of the principles of Black Liberation Theology, Feminism. But there has to be a spirituality that has been dismissed while also considered ‘new age’. You’ve found it, right here in these pages. My history, my current proficiency as the first – you got it, the first – proficient person in the United States to use the Venus Star Point, you have reached a personal point of evolution.

Let me tell you something, I passed the Washington State Bar in 1991. I received the results the day after my only son was born. I straddled both worlds as long as I could (or the world would want me to). I went around in circles like that Atlantic Starr tune ‘you’ve got me so confused’. For this African-American man to submit to any more examining is quite a feat. 

Yet, I did submit.

I devoted myself to the knowledge and exceptional scholarship of Arielle Guttman. It is not only the mind I look for, it is also the heart (after all, anyone who has a connection to the Leo/Aquarius axis the head/heart balance is central to living a joyous life). Ms. Guttman has a heart of a seasoned inspired scholar/sage, giving her wisdom to those who appreciate the work, her work, and the work constantly being done through her. So, I took an exam, her exam, in the Venus Star Point. 

Sometimes I feel like in that old school joint that Phyllis Hyman sung in the late 70’s ‘Under Your Spell’, but there is nothing wrong with being guided softly and gently with one who knows and senses where you need to go. I am privileged to be able to disseminate this info. There’s no denying (please note that these two creative women share the same Aries Evening Star). 

Once you allow yourself to get to know the depth and intricacies of this awesome system, you’ll become hooked in the best way possible! And, I want to share what I have learned and will continue to learn through BINR. But a central focus will be the Venus Star Point, I Ching and Elements and energies. 

Okay, so I’ve just sounded like a person from the Harry Potter series. I call a muggle (non-magical) alert!  Let’s have a one-to-one meeting on how you can explore the realms of belief, faith, doubt, but ending in an increased intuitive knowledge of why you, why now, what to do. Who are you? Let’s traverse the self-actualizing worlds of job to career ending in the nirvana of vocation. I’ve found my vocation. So, I’m charged like any good psychopomp (guide of souls) to help you find your calling. 

On one basic level, it centers on enjoying longevity. Or if Vulcan, ‘live long and prosper’! (Although would a true Vulcan want an exclamation point after that maxim?) 

Safe Exploration of Gnosis (Benign Is as Benign Does)

What I will explore and state on this site will be what I have experienced and has been revealed to me through study and practice. Most importantly, I will have tested these principles in my own life. 

For example, those of you who have seen a dearly departed family member or felt a spirit around you do not need (or want) convincing. Yes, it can be a little unsettling at first, but it is relatively easy for you to know that someone is around even if they don’t have a physical body. First you have to know, there’s that word again, that if this soul didn’t have a desire to hurt you while inhabiting a physical body (when they could have done some serious damage), typically the most they can do is spook you…pun intended. 

The point is, we know, that energy is not destroyed, simply transformed. They are here among us, and you have to take steps to learn to be receptive. Benign is as benign does; like attracts like. Use your innate trust of exploring these other realms and you’ll be protected. Become fearful, suspicious and grasping, and that’s what you’ll attract in this and the other realms. 

Have any idea why most spiritual practices teach some form of contemplation, meditation, prayer or breath control? In order to center the mind, perhaps your biggest huddle in understanding and accessing what you know versus creating doubts of all kinds. Most often, older souls take reincarnation as a certainty of their gnosis, to hell with belief. In a very true sense, belief and doubt go hand in hand. 

The last 2000 years of the Piscean Age has called upon us to have faith in all types of miracles, virgin birth, resurrection of Jesus and the being born in original sin. I won’t mention heaven and hell. The next 2000 years will bring about the deconstruction of religious beliefs as we know it. (That’s one reason for the proliferation of fundamentalist religious worshipers in Christianity and Islam, and the current schism). As more and more people on Earth experience gnosis they will want more from the traditional religions or they will continue to leave them for ‘alternative’ answers.

All Is Choice

Another reason for calling this site ‘Belief Is Not Required’ is that it sends the message that I will be talking about more than just astrology, be that Western (Tropical), Sidereal, Vedic or Chinese. I will be writing messages of inspiration from my guides, Michael and my higher self. Scheeh, messages are found everywhere if you’re looking and receptive to them. 

Astrology is an excellent tool to get you to enter into the reason behind your birth and to begin your benign metaphysical journey. (By benign, I do not mean you won’t have challenges). Astrology is a roadmap of your karma. Sometimes we have karmic assets and sometimes we have karmic liabilities. Through the causal entity Michael, I have learned that ‘all is choice’; and we don’t cease with our cycle of incarnations unless we teach one other soul what we know (there’s that gnosis again), and we have to enjoy being here. 

That’s one major reason why I’m writing you what I know, not what I believe. It’s a joyous rendition of how we are all ONE. We are on different point of view and position on the circle of incarnations, but we’re joined nonetheless. Thanks for visiting Belief Is Not Required. You’ll get more than you currently are expecting. And if not, tell me what you want to know, not simply what you believe.

Let’s journey together…Peace, light, love and gnosis


I’m trained in left hemisphere studies, business and law (hey, it was the 80’s and 90’s time of financial deregulation). However, my interests are in personal growth and evolution using the language, art and scientific measurements of Astrology. These ancient healing arts found me at a time where the non-magical world did not and could not fulfill me. I have since realized that there is only one world, it is our rational minds that makes the separation between the spiritual (transrational/magical/belief oriented) and physical (empirical/scientific/rational) worlds. Like one love, it is one world. We need people who speak the language of both. I do.

Beginning with Numerology, swiftly I went from balance sheets (quantitative) to charts (qualitative). Yet, I did not have the faith (I have pragmatic tendencies) that I could make a living at my calling, so I became a licensed attorney from Washington State. I worked in both worlds for nearly 10 years.  This is like a Scorpio (and indigo child).  We live in the physical and spiritual worlds learning to integrate them both as close to equally as any medieval alchemist), building a professional practice with my vocation while paying the bills working at places where I was not dismissed through being ‘overqualified’. Huzzah! On January 3, 1996 my vocation became full time. I have not looked back; I realize I’m one of the fortunate ones.

A healthy life centers on balance deftly utilizing logic and intuition. I use both in my professional practice of integrating spiritual law and practical experience through historical referencing and observation (Astrology) and intuitive awareness.

It took opening my mind to aspects of life that are not easily explained until you experience an alleged coincidence. I will concede that there are other systems to categorize and reflect upon human behavior, but Astrology (road map) and Tarot (gas station in which you ask for directions) incorporates your personal world and your intimate connection with higher and other worlds of awareness. I combine these systems (and brain hemispheres) to facilitate a better life for everyone I meet.