SpiritS Night out (SNO)

Bring your squad together for a Spirits Night Out!
Have a group of close friends that you discuss what you research on the Internet (astro.com, cafeastrology, etc.) but you want to know more? Are you at point in your life where you want to move from info overload to knowledge to wisdom about the four major areas of your life: self-development, home/family, relationships & career/vocation?
Do you want to find out more about Astrology, your future or tarot cards but are fearful of hearing something bad? Feeling safety in numbers? What about getting immediate feedback from friends and loved ones?
SNO can also be done at work too.! As an attorney, I can mediate and help build teams using the language, art and scientific measurements of Astrology.
There is comfort in having someone (me) who does not know you verify something you have thinking or feeling about yourself. Friends in these open and safe settings can keep you on task with goals. 
If you like, you may record the session for future plans. There can be multiple themes for different SNO’s: self focus, children and family
Guidelines: what happens at SNO, stays at SNO.
There can be processing with members of the group, but keep your focus on constructive change.

Suggestion: Find out your rising sign, because many astrologers write their blogs with this point in mind.
Cost depends on number of participants from 2 to 30. Range $250 to $3000 (whether in my office or at your home).